Interview met Sjoerd Gerritsen over ondernemerschap

Interview met Sjoerd Gerritsen over ondernemerschap
Interview met Sjoerd Gerritsen over ondernemerschap

Interview with Judith Webber – Sjoerd Gerritsen
Book: Future You

Who are you?
My name is Judith Webber, I’m 38 years old and mother of a 6 year old son. I live in Zaandam, which is close to Amsterdam and at the same time surrounded by nature.

What do you do?
I’m the author of a few books (that loosely translate from Dutch to English) Show Yourself (Laat Jezelf Zien), Choose and They’ll Choose You (Kies en Ze Kiezen Jou) and 100% PURE you (100% PUUR jij). These books are about making choices, getting focused, being believable and making connections. I talk about the same subjects on a daily basis as a speaker for corporations.
My promise is that I can open people up, make them show something of themselves that was hidden before. This creates connections, with yourself and others. Once those connections exist, people will join you in your story, they connect to you because you touch them!

What are the three most important lessons you’ve learned in your career so far?
Believe in yourself, be honest and speak your mind.

What are your top three talents?
I dare get close, I’m good at articulating feelings and I can broach essential topics with a good dose of lightness.

How do these talents exhibit themselves in your entrepreneurial efforts?
These talents show themselves in everything I do. It doesn’t matter if people read one of my books, watch a videotip, receive coaching or join a lecture. I always use my talents, without effort, might I add. This is a big part of my vision, I believe people are insufficiently using the talents they were born with. I like to wake up these sleeping talents!

What makes you unique?
I’m someone who’s very much about walking the talk, I do what I say and say what I do. I’m ultimately clear.

What is the biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs right now?
I think more entrepreneurs can become ultimately clear, in who they are and who they’re here for. And in what they have to offer. All to make sure that everything’s crystal clear and you’re helping clients who choose you. This is really what my second book is about.

What is the biggest pitfall for entrepreneurs right now?
That you do whatever comes your way, because at the end of the day ‘we need to eat’. This is short term thinking. In the long term it’s really about being remembered for the value you have to offer and you need guts to be crystal clear.

What is it that you love to do most as an entrepreneur?
I love being a speaker and standing in front a room packed with people looking for answers. I always get a kick when I see people realize that the key to happiness was already inside them.

What is your biggest wish as an entrepreneur?
That I speak on the biggest stages in the Netherlands, so that I can share my thoughts with more people.

What is your biggest success?
I feel very successful because I see the effect of what I say and do. It’s really more about the small things than the big ones. Small is the new big, right?

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